Q1: How did you come up with the idea of selling clothing?

A: This is a good question. We have also thought about how we can help everyone express themselves? Actually, we need a product, or a “carrier”, to realize the characteristics of an individual. In fact, we also thought of other things like electronics, collectibles, etc. But the advantage of clothing is that everyone needs to wear clothes to go out. No matter what industry the person is in, or what a compelling story he has, he must be in front of people in clothes that match his identity. Therefore, clothing has naturally become what we call this "carrier". We hope that clothing is not only just needed in life, but also expresses consumers' attitudes towards life and the world.

Q2: What do you think of today's clothing fashion?

A: I don't think one style or type is always good. You'll often hear people say that fashion is a cycle, and that many styles come and go in cycles. If we compare the past few decades, we will find that there are many fashion elements that disappear for a while and then make a comeback. There are also some new elements that are produced with the development of society and the times, such as cyberpunk. The good news is that we have more and more choices, and people's tolerance for "exotic clothes" has increased a lot. We hope that our products can let more people know about different popular elements, even if it is very niche, which is why our products don't seem to be uniform (laughs).

Q3: What does the “brand” mean to you?

A: For our founders, the brand is to continue to do a valuable and meaningful thing, which requires determination, perseverance, and overcome all kinds of difficulties; for users, choosing the PEXMOD brand is choose to believe. We believe that only with the brand as the long-term goal, PEXMOD can establish a steady, sustainable and healthy relationship with users through products and services.

Q4: How would you rate your team?

A: We get along very well, often discussing our ideas and trying to make them happen. Everyone puts a lot of effort into PEXMOD, and we grow with our own brand.

Q5: Why do all models wear hoods? Do they have any special meaning?

A: Actually, this is also a result of our team. We wanted to minimise the impact of the model's appearance on the garment itself, so that everyone could imagine that the person in the hoods was themselves. These hoods are all handcrafted by us, and each hood takes about three hours. They're unique, you won't see them anywhere online. In this way, we hope that consumers will remember us. Currently we have four hoods, maybe we will make some other images later. We hope that the diverse hoods can show a variety of collocations.

Q6: Are you concerned that consumers don't agree with brand-related concepts?

A: Certainly. This means that we may have erred in some way, or offended some people. Bad thinking can lead not only to higher costs and lost profits, but also to consumers losing trust in us, which we think is important. So we are very concerned about the feelings of consumers, and we are happy to have their opinions on our brand building. At the same time, we will also hold user surveys from time to time, hoping to get more feedback from people, and the ultimate goal is to be recognized.

Q7: Do you have anything you want to share with young people?

A: Suffice it to say, not everyone can be president, but everyone can be themselves. We have to keep doing what we love. Like our slogan: refuse platitude, show attitude. PEXMOD will also strive to become a clothing brand that can be praised by everyone.

Q8. What might change about your pro- duct in the future?

A: At the moment we only have clothing items, we may consider some interesting accessories in the future. I also hope to jointly launch clothing with niche designers, so stay tuned!

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